Every Friday evening, the lively, rhythmic sound of the dhol resonates from the Sikh Centre. The dhamaka, – the resonant sound of the drum beat – is created by a bunch of highly enthusiastic dhol learners keen to excel in the art of playing this traditional north Indian drum, most popular in Punjab.

Initiated by YSA, dhol lessons are conducted by Mr Kuldip Singh. They are aimed at allowing the students master the traditional art of dhol playing while enabling them to interact and network with one another. Hopefully, the lessons will also help them to further understand the richness of the Sikh culture and heritage.

Judging from the interest, participation and enthusiasm, the students are certainly enjoying themselves. One of the students, Mr Kuldip Singh, a lawyer, opined: “The lessons are structured and organised, and are designed for progression from one stage to another. The emphasis is on practice. The instructor is a versatile player and is able to guide the students along well. Watching the dhol being played seems to indicate that it is easy. It is not, but neither is mastering it impossible.”

If you would like to join this group of dhol enthusiasts, simply call 97842319 to register. The sessions take place every Friday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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