More than 300 players and supporters from various ethnic groups came together on 6 March 2010 to participate in a multiracial football tournament aimed at promoting racial harmony

Organised by Young Sikh Association (Singapore), a non-government organisation which aims to fulfill the aspirations of young Singaporeans, the event witnessed the participation 37 teams from different ethnic groups, including the self-help groups, and the expatriate community.

Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Member of Parliament for Hong Kah GRC, kicked off the tournament by participating in an exhibition match involving players from various ethnic groups.

The event was also aimed at bringing youths from different ethnic groups together to celebrate Singapore 2010. Like Singapore 2010 which will feature an integrated sport, culture and education programme to connect young people with the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect, and with one another; the football tournament created the platform for Singaporeans from different walks and backgrounds to interact and network with each other. It also allowed for a better understanding and appreciation among the different communities in Singapore, including the new Singaporeans.

Mr Hernaikh Singh, President of the Association, said, “Sports is a great social leveller. There are no racial, religious, language and social barriers. Everyone gets together to just have good fun. This is the seventh year of the event. We are seeing the fruits of our efforts. Many players have been playing for some years now and they know each other well. In addition, new teams and players join the fold each year and they become acquainted with the rest. It is a big footballing family.”

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