YSA held its fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Central Sikh Temple Conference Room on 17 May 2008.

During the AGM, YSA’s President, Hernaikh Singh, stated that the Association witnessed a re-appointment of Advisors last year. He added that the Advisors play an important role in charting the directions for the Association and in providing invaluable advice and support for the Association’s activities. He also stated that the Association was able to organise events under each of its five platforms. Furthermore, the response to the Association’s activities has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Many of the events last year were very well supported.

The President further stated that the Association received good support from the government and government agencies. Aside from funding, Singapore ministers and government officials also graced the Association’s events last year. This is important because it shows the value of the Association’s works and events, and it reflects on its credibility.

Lastly, he credited the success of the Association largely to the hard work and dedication of the Executive Committee as well as the general public. He noted the significant contributions from within and outside the Sikh community for the Association’s events.

The AGM witnessed the election of new officer bearers for 2008/09. These included five new faces in a team of 17 Executive Committee members. The renewal process is important as it provides an opportunity for those keen to serve to come on board. At the same time, they bring with them new ides and perspectives which are important for any progressive organisation.

The new Executive Committee has taken office. It promises to continue the good work of its predecessor in the relentless pursuit of YSA’s mandate and objectives.

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