It was a chance for parents to test their children’s artistic skills. And they certainly took full advantage of the opportunity offered to them.

Twenty kids, aged 4 – 7 years, participated in YSA’s half-day art and craft programme on 15 October, 2006 at the Sikh Centre. The children gleefully went about decorating a snail (using a variety of items, including lentil, macaroni and spices) and hand crafting a rooster. They were guided in the two activities by a group of committed and dedicated facilitators, led by Ranjit Kaur and Reena Kaur.

The aim of the event was simply to allow these children to have fun while exercising their creative and artistic juices. And this was exactly what they did – they came up with some interesting designs and presentations. At the end of the session, prizes were presented to each and every child, in line with YSA’ belief that every effort deserves recognition.

It was truly a memorable and enjoyable afternoon for the children and no less for the parents, who happily took home the precious works of their children.

The event was supported by the Sikh Centre, Singapore.

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