Tree planting with SKA Ladies Wing for International Women’s Day March 2023

We were thrilled to receive an invitation from the Singapore Khalsa Association Ladies Wing to partake in the joyous celebration of International Women’s Day! This year’s festivities took on a unique twist with the inclusion of tree planting as a significant contribution to NPark’s OneMillionTrees movement.

The event provided YSA members with a hands-on opportunity to delve into the experience of planting trees. Armed with shovels, members dug the ground, carefully placed potted plants into the prepared holes, and backfilled the soil. This activity not only allowed the team to connect with nature but also provided valuable insights into the physical demands associated with tree planting.

Undeterred by intermittent showers, spirits remained high, and everyone persevered to complete the tree planting mission. The event, despite the weather challenges, proved to be immensely gratifying as our team actively contributed to the environment on this significant day.

International Women’s Day became even more meaningful as YSA members, alongside the Singapore Khalsa Association Ladies Wing, engaged in an environmentally impactful activity. The act of planting trees served as a symbol of growth, strength, and nurturing—the very qualities celebrated on this empowering day.

In the end, despite the soil being a bit muddy and the rain attempting to dampen the spirits, the event was a resounding success. It not only celebrated women’s achievements but also demonstrated YSA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

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