It is the wish of all parents to see their children succeed in life. Life being what it is, almost all children, at one time or another face some challenge or the other, such as low self-esteem, undesirable habits, parent-child relationship problems, and emotional instability, among others.

To help parents in the art of genuinely listening to and intimately communicating with their children and to pick up key tools to help their children overcome limiting beliefs and bad habits, as well as to create a more stable and happy environment at home for the family, YSA and the Sikh Centre, Singapore, jointly organised a session on “Achieving Greater Parent-Child Bonding” at the Sikh Centre on 24 March 2007.

Led by Mr Jacky Cheung, who has 16 years of experience and expertise in the areas of motivational and inspirational coaching to bring about transformation in children, the session attracted close to 30 participants. It was a lively and educational three-hour session, with intense discussions and participation of the participants in skits. The feedback received was very positive, with parents commenting that more of such sessions should be organised.

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity for greater parent-child understanding, appreciation and bonding.

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