The launch of Young Sikh Association (Singapore) on 17 January 2004 saw the congregation of Sikhs and non-Sikhs from all walks of life in Singapore. They included young professionals and non-professionals, established members of Sikh and non-Sikh institutions, representatives from think tanks and non-government organisations, as also members of youth groups.

Regardless of their backgrounds and areas of interest, the participants applauded the formation of the organisation. They were of the view that the time was just right for providing an important and necessary channel for young Sikhs and non-Sikhs to come together and get involved in networking activities, so that they stay abreast of developments in Singapore and the international environment.

Here is a sampling of what the guests had to say….

Assoc Prof Berinderjit Kaur, National Institute of Education: “This is excellent. You seem to be very different from other Sikh institutions that only have men helping out. Besides, I see a mix of different races mixing together well. I will get my daughter to join YSA. Hope she can socialise and learn a thing of two from all of you. Personally, I am more than willing to contribute if you need my help…”

Dr Siva Rajendram, (Medical): “YSA seems to have done so much in such a short time. That in itself is incredible. I insist that my daughter participates in this year’s expedition to India”.

Mr Harnek Singh, Singapore Technologies Engineering; “I am so impressed that I have already signed up as a member.”

Mdm Indarjeet Kaur, Sikh Welfare Council: “I was so overcome with emotion during the video presentation (on the Punjab expedition) that I actually cried. I am so proud of all of you. I am more than willing to assist you.”

Dr Valdew Singh, Nanyang Polytechnic: “I would like to invite YSA to collaborate with me and my team on professional and personal development programmes.”

Ms Permjit Kaur, Great Eastern Life Assurance: “Very promising! Parents like myself will feel very reassured if my daughter or son joins in for any of your activities. Very professional indeed! The slide show was very realistic and touching. I will be ready to help if you ever need my help. Please do keep me informed of any activity you may organise in the future.”

Mr Arun Mahizhnan, Institute of Policy Studies: “I think the multiracial focus of YSA is very good.”

Major Jerome Wong, Eurasian Association: “You are a highly professional and organised outfit. We must collaborate on issues of mutual interest and concern.”

Prof Kirpal Singh, National Institute of Education: “Well done! Congratulations! Please do call on me for support any time.”

Sunil’s mother: “I am really glad that my son took part in the expedition to Punjab last year. What a marvellous thing YSA is!”

Ms Bhupinder Kaur: “I am really pleased with what YSA has done. My son was part of last year’s expedition to Punjab.”

1WO Jasveer Singh, Republic of Singapore Navy: “Seems like we are definitely making way. Your presentations and AVA facilities around are one of the most tech savvy. From my observations, I feel a sense that people are very lively and lots of friendships have been built over your two expeditions. Nice to see different races working together for a common cause. Hope to see your membership numbers building up over time. Do keep this going and don’t let it die.”

Mr Sarjit Singh, Prudential Assurance: “YSA has my support. I will definitely fund the projects to Punjab again this year.”

Mr Harvinder Singh, Bhajnik Enterprise: “I am extremely impressed with the launch. You have certainly made a good start. I believe that YSA will go a long way.”

Mr Dharmindher Singh, Ministry of Community Development and Sports “Wow! Great show, man!”

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