More than 500 players and supporters from across Singapore came together on 27 February 2016 to participate in a multiracial football tournament aimed at promoting racial harmony and integration.

Organised by YSA, the event witnessed the participation 61 teams from different ethnic groups, including the self-help groups, new citizens and the expatriate community.

Mr Darryl David, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC joined the festivities and officially kicked off the tournament, which saw more than 120 matches in five categories – ‘Open’, ‘Veterans’, ‘Youths’, ‘Ladies’ and ‘Juniors’.

The event aimed to bring Singaporeans from different ethnic groups together to interact and network for greater rapport and camaraderie whilst promoting a healthy and sporting lifestyle. It was also an opportunity to reach out to integrate the new citizens and foreigners into the Singapore society. Lastly, it was aimed at creating a platform for the Sikh participants to better understand and appreciate members of the other ethnic communities as well as provided the opportunity for the latter to know the Sikh community in a more intimate manner.

In an effort to get the players from the different teams to come together to interact with one another, several activities were organised at the side-lines of the main event. These include the shooting, heading, juggling and sepak-football competition. At the same time, the organisers arranged for a tea reception for the participants. It was a carnival atmosphere during the tournament.

Mr Malminderjit Singh, President of the Association, said, “In sports, there is are no racial, religious, language and social barriers. In the tournament, everyone gets together to just have good fun. We have seen players keep coming back and we also get newcomers each year. Overtime, they have become part of one big footballing family.”

Now in its 12th year, the one-day bonanza has become an important platform to bring Singaporeans, new citizens and foreigners together in a spirit of friendly footballing competition.

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