Professional and Intellectual Development

Today’s dynamic local and international environments demand relevant skills acquired through continual professional and intellectual development. Focusing on presentation, communications and organisation skills, and management and leadership development, this programme helps young Singaporeans adopt a positive attitude, an entrepreneurial spirit and develop the confidence they need to become a more competent and active community in Singapore’s economic and social progress.

Young Leaders Programme

The Young Leaders Programme was launched to engage Sikh youth on issues and challenges facing the community. The programme includes dialogue sessions with self-help groups such as the Singapore Indian Development Association, and community leaders from the Sikh Welfare Council, Singapore Sikh Education Foundation, Sikh Sewaks Singapore and others. The programme also includes professional skills training workshops for the participants. The six-month long programme aims to groom young Sikh leaders who are interested in developing their leadership skills and advancing professionally. The dynamic programme sees the participants undertake projects, conduct research, and present a solution for issues faced by the community in a presentation at the end of the course.

Professional Chapters

This initiative aims to connect senior SIkh professionals across various industries to younger Sikhs who aspire to enter the respective fields of work. This platform aims to enable the sharing of knowledge, industry-related information and relevant skills required to enter the industry, between senior and junior professionals and aspiring entrants. By virtue of creating this platform, YSA aspires to allow networks to be created among professionals within the industry to allow greater interaction and potentially create opportunities to work together.

Talks and Presentations

In order to better equip young Singaporeans entering the workforce in Singapore to meet the demands and challenges of a dynamic local and international economy, short talks and presentations are organised by YSA. The theme and topics of these talks and presentations aim at enabling youth to acquire relevant skills so that they can develop themselves professionally, such as achieving success in the new economy, developing leadership qualities, gaining a basic understanding of negotiation techniques and setting up a new business.

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