This programme strives to strengthen racial and religious harmony in Singapore through inter-community cultural activities and showcasing the Sikh culture. This, in turns, helps to create greater understanding and appreciation of the Sikh heritage and tradition.

Cultural Shows

YSA supports cultural shows to showcase the vibrant culture and heritage of the Sikhs. These shows also include participation by other ethnic groups in Singapore to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the different cultures and how they give Singapore its unique, rich, social blend.


The organisation of cultural exhibitions by YSA, and in collaboration with other Sikh institutions, aims to promote the Sikh culture and community. They also provide an important means for the other communities to better understand and appreciate the Sikh culture, heritage and tradition.

Dhol and Bhangra Competitions

To further highlight the Sikh culture, dhol and bhangra competitions are organised by YSA. These events enable talented young Sikhs to come together to display their talents, abilities and vigour, encouraging them to further excel in these activities.

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