Conferences and Seminars

For young Singaporeans to play their part in the country’s globalisation, they need to be more exposed to issues of Singapore, the region and the world. This programme broadens their perspectives of global politics, businesses, technologies and other social and cultural environments through regular conferences, lectures, seminars and dialogue sessions with political, business and civil society leaders from Singapore and abroad.

Ministerial Dialogues

It is important for young Singaporeans to regularly engage Singapore’s leaders and opinion makers. These dialogue sessions enable them to discuss issues of concern to Singaporeans. They also allow the participants to share their views and provide feedback on issues and challenges faced by Singapore society. Furthermore, apart from understanding the participants’ views and thoughts on national issues, the sessions provide an important channel for the Singapore government and political leaders to explain and elucidate the country’s policies and plans to them.

The Khwaish Lectures

Through the Khwaish Lectures, distinguished international and local personalities provide the opportunity for Singaporeans to gain a further understanding of global affairs. With their international and local knowledge and expertise, these personalities share their views and perspectives on events taking place on the international stage and, at the same time, provide a useful channel for Singaporeans to link with international network.

Topical Seminars

These short seminars on topical issues are aimed at providing an insight into recent local, regional and international events and developments and their impact on Singapore. Eminent individuals from the public and private sectors, the academia and the media are invited to share their views with Sikh participants on issues ranging from global trends and economics to society and politics.

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