Community Service

This programme enables young Singaporeans to support the needs of the less fortunate communities in Singapore and abroad. By making a difference in the lives of others, young Singaporeans discover in themselves confidence and teamwork, and the potential to make a difference to society, a realisation that spurs even greater engagement and active citizenry.

Through overseas community service, young Singaporeans understand the communities around us and, in turn, allow these communities have a deeper understanding of Singapore.

Local Community Service Projects

It is important for young Singaporeans to understand and appreciate the value of service to Singapore society. YSA undertakes activities focusing on helping the less fortunate in the society. It carries out the task, both independently and jointly with Sikh and non-Sikh organisations, to involve young Singaporeans in community service in Singapore.

Overseas Community Service Projects

In addition to being involved in local community service projects, overseas community service projects are spearheaded by YSA to provide the opportunity for young Singaporeans to experience international civic engagement and social responsibility. At the same time, these projects, such as Project Khwaish that YSA organises annually, help raise awareness and appreciation of the cultures in the region among the participants and enable them to understand socio-economic development issues in the countries around us. Such projects also enable the participants to develop group and leadership skills.

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