The 10-weeks enrichment programme for pre-schoolers organised by YSA came to an end on 8 May 2004. And immediately the parents requested for more such opportunities for their children.

The enrichment programme is aimed at allowing the children to expand their vocabulary and learn to read in entertaining and interesting ways. These include story telling, word games and other creative activities. All your child needs is to have some basic knowledge of the alphabet.

The programme was subsidised by YSA, with each participant paying a registration fee of only S$10.00. This included the course materials for the whole module.

The parents were extremely pleased with the initiative by YSA to start such a programme. Mr Shakander Singh Chahal stated that, “My son, Harvinder, has shown improvement in his reading ability. He recognises common words much more quickly. He also attempts to pronounce new words. In short, he has improved in his confidence level. Beyond teaching, there is a good element of fun involved and Harvinder enjoyed the company of his mates and teachers. He has always looked forward to Sundays and his reading classes.”

Similarly, the young participants also enjoyed the programme. Four-year old Simmranjeet said, “It is really fun. I like it [the classes]. I like the teacher telling me new stories every week.” Simmranjeet’s comments on the programme are echoed by the other 15 children in the class.

Well, after a successful run of the enrichment programme for pre-schoolers, YSA is definitely looking at other development programmes.

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