Continue on the journey of life-long education to expand your skill sets and contribute back to your community and the wider Singapore society. This was the message from Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Heng Chee How, to recent Sikh graduates at a plaque presentation and networking reception on Saturday. The event was organised by Young Sikh Association (Singapore) and the Sikh Centre, Singapore.

Speaking to more than 100 guests, including the parents and families of the graduates, Mr Heng said, “In Singapore, the Sikh community is prosperous, well-integrated and self-sufficient, and it continues to make a telling contribution to Singapore’s development even though it is not very large in size. This enterprise is built very much on the commitment and involvement of the leaders and volunteers within the community.”

He added that this should not be taken for granted and encouraged participation from the young graduates at various levels of the Sikh community in order for the Sikh community to continue to be an asset to Singapore’s socio-economic fabric. He stated that, “In Singapore, where multi-racial coexistence forms the bedrock of the country’s social and economic growth, it is important that all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly. The Sikh community is an important piece of this overall picture. Your forefathers and the current Sikh leaders have done exceptionally well in this regard. It is now in your hands to ensure that this remains the case in the future as well.”

He had a further message to the recent entrants to the workplace, “There is much more out there for you to do beyond your jobs and careers. I encourage each and every one of you to participate in community-based activities as doing so will help you lead a more balanced and meaningful life. Moreover, by doing so, you become a greater stakeholder of your community and society and helps you maintain a level of responsibility to your community and wider society. By participating in activities outside of your work, you also expose yourselves to new people, networks and opportunities, while acquiring new skills. This is complementary to your career and allows you to fulfill broader aspirations.”

Mr Hernaikh Singh, President of the Association, concurred, “Mr Heng’s message important as it signifies the need for the Sikh community to continuously look at the bigger picture. We are a small community but our contributions are just as important as other ethnic groups in Singapore’ progress and growth. In Singapore today, there are many dynamic avenues to contribute back to society. We must play our part.”

One of the recipients at the event was 50-year mother of three children, Mdm Karamjeet Kaur, who completed two Masters’ programmes at the University of Melbourne and is currently pursuing her PhD in Nanyang Technological University. Sharing her perspectives during the event on life-long learning, Mdm Kaur had this advice to the younger graduates, “Embrace the challenges that you face, show them due respect and see them for the gifts they bring to you, for there is wisdom to be embraced in all of life’s challenges and gifts. Most importantly, get the support, be clear in focus and enjoy your adventure.”

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