(Open to Sikhs and Non-Sikhs)

We welcome Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans from all walks life – professionals or non-professionals, young or old and males or females – to be a part of YSA. Here is how you can become a member:

Two Types of Membership

Ordinary Membership: This is open to Sikhs and non-Sikhs from the ages of 16 to 50 years, residing in Singapore. They are eligible to vote.

Associate Membership: This is open to Sikhs and non-Sikhs of all ages residing in Singapore. They are not eligible to vote.

The definition of a Sikh as referred to above is one who professes to the tenets of Sikhism.

A person below 18 years of age shall not be accepted as a member without the written consent of his or her parent or guardian.


A person wanting to become a member must submit his particulars to the Honorary Secretary on the Association’s Application for Membership form(s).

The Committee has the absolute discretion to decide on the application for, and the type of, membership. It may approve or reject the application without assigning any reason for its decision, which shall be final.

The Committee may decide to change the membership status of an approved member from one type of membership to the other, as referred to above, at any time during his membership with the Association, without assigning any reason thereof. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

The applicant must attach a recent coloured passport-szied photo to his/her application form.

Membership Fees

The following categories of members shall pay annual subscriptions at the following rates:

  • Ordinary Member: S$20.00 plus Entrance Fee: S$10.00 = S$30.00
  • Associate Member: S$10.00 plus Entrance Fee: S$10.00 = S$20.00

The duration of the membership is six years.

The completed membership, together with the attached photo and the cheque payment should be sent to:

The Honorary Secretary

Young Sikh Association (Singapore)
c/o Sikh Centre
8 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 169543

(Attention: Membership Application)

Application for Membership Form

YSA Constitution

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