YSA witnessed a change of leadership at its Annual General Meeting on 7 July 2012. A process that was put in motion about four years ago was completed with the election of Mr Malminderjit Singh as YSA’s President. He takes over from Mr Hernaikh Singh, who stepped down after nine years at the helm.

The issue of leadership identification and renewal was top of the agenda of the founding YSA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee members made a commitment to one another to consciously add value; to not hang on to position beyond their ability to contribute; to always look for better people to come in and to put the interests of the institution and the community first. The underlying aim was to build the organisation, give it momentum and then hand over the reins to a team that could take it forward. Relevant Executive Committee members were identified and groomed as part of this process. They were presented with the opportunity to take on key appointments so that they would be ready to assume the mantle of leadership.

Mr Malminderjit is no stranger to YSA, having served in various capacities in the last four year, the most recent being Vice-President (Corporate Relations). Outside of YSA, he is a Correspondent with the Business Times newspaper where he writes on a wide range of topics. At the same time, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to public service. He serves on the Fourth PAP Policy Forum Council and Kebun Baru constituency. Within the Sikh community, he serves as Secretary of the Sikh Advisory Board. Further, he is actively involved in the wider Indian community and serves on the Singapore Indian Development Association Youth Club’s Executive Committee and on the Singapore Indian Education Trust’s Youth Committee.

Mr Malminderjit will be assisted on the Executive Committee by Mr Nirman Singh Sodhi as Vice-President, and a team of 12 members from within and outside the Sikh community. The Executive Committee has both re-elected and newly-elected members. This is important. The re-elected Executive Committee members will ensure continuity and the Association’s connections with the past while the newly-elected Executive Committee members will bring new and fresh perspectives. At the same time, the Association will be able to start its next round of leadership identification.

Mr Hernaikh stated that, “I complete my term as President of the Association in the firm belief that I leave it in the highly committed and dedicated hands of an Executive Committee, led by capable and professional leadership. I know they will carry on the good work and take the Association to new heights. I ask members to give their support to the incoming Executive Committee in the same manner as they have done in the past. I wish my successor and the incoming Executive Committee every success in their endeavours.”

In the years since its founding, YSA has emerged to become an important part of the institutional landscape in the community and society, and earned a reputation for delivering a consistently high-level of activities. The key task of the new Executive Committee will be to ensure that the Association continues the good work of the outgoing leadership and Executive Committee and take the Association further in the pursuit of its mandate and objectives. With the Association’s emphasis on succession planning and in its efforts to identify and bring young and committed individuals onto the Executive Committee, the incoming Executive Committee has the ability to further advance the Association.

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