More than 20 people – young children, their family members, friends and YSA volunteers – spent a fun-filled day at the Zoological Garden on Sunday, 19 September 2004.

Organised by YSA under its community service umbrella, the event was aimed at providing the opportunity for young Sikhs and their families to spend a day of fun and laughter at the zoo. YSA volunteers took much time and effort to plan an exciting programme for the excursion. Besides a tour of the zoo, the visitors were involved in a series of games, with prizes being given to the children. They were also treated to lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It was a whole day affair and the children had an enjoyable time. Five-year-old Amrath said: “It was really fun. We had so many things to see and do. My sister and I liked it very much.” The other children in the group certainly shared her sentiments. It is a wonderful feeling one experiences when one sees Children’s faces aglow with joy and happiness.

Whilst the project was supported by a Youth Development Fund grant from the National youth Council, the outing was really made possible by the selfless and tireless efforts and involvement of YSA volunteers. The YSA records its appreciation for this group of volunteers.

The Association looks forward to more community service projects in aid of the Sikh community and Singapore society.

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