While she provided the necessary guidance to her two daughters in their undergraduate studies, Madam Kulmeet Kaur also pursued her own dream of further education, underlying the importance of continuous development as a valuable virtue in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Her pursuit also reflected her determination to succeed and a reminder that learning never stops at any point and that age is not a barrier to do so. Madam Kaur obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education earlier this year.

On 19 September 2009, she joined 25 Sikh graduates in receiving an achievement plaque from Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education, during a networking-cum-graduation ceremony at the Pod at the National Library.

During her address, Ms Fu congratulated the graduates on their hard work and accomplishments. She also called the on the graduates to play an active role in the community and in society, “As Singapore continues to grow; we need our young people to be more aware of their role in society. As a member of the community you have grown up in, you need to stay connected to the society, understand its needs and know how to respond to these needs. As more opportunities are created for you to experience the issues and needs of the society, you would be able to appreciate what is happening in the society and how you can make a difference. You will also learn how to utilise your skills, talents and knowledge to contribute to your community and Singapore.”

Said Madam Kaur of her educational sojourn, “It was tough at the beginning to juggle my studies with other responsibilities. But once you prioritise, it is possible to manage. Now I have done it. It has shown me that it is possible to achieve success if we are determined and committed. Age is no barrier and time constraint is no excuse to the pursuit of one’s goals and ambitions.”

Organised by Young Sikh Association (Singapore) and the Sikh Centre, Singapore, the event was aimed at recognising the academic achievements of Sikhs. It was also an important platform to engage Sikh graduates and to impress upon them the need for them, as intellectuals, to contribute to the Sikh community and Singapore society. It was also an opportunity for them to develop networks with their fellow graduates.

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