YSA organised the Marriage Course for young Singaporeans from 2 August 2007 to 2 October 2007. A total of 12 couples participated in the course.


This was a maiden venture by YSA, one which it deemed important and necessary in reaching out in a creative, enterprising and non-conventional manner to Singaporean couples to promote and inculcate important family and community messages to them. YSA believes that such an educational course is important and necessary in today’s Singapore society. The building and strengthening of relationships will help to prevent families from breaking up and the children suffering as a result. Such an initiative also helps young couples address issues rather than choose divorce as the option in their married lives.


Run by professionals on a pro-bono basis, the eight-session course provided married couples with practical tools to strengthen their relationship and gave them the time and space to discuss difficult issues. YSA believes that it also helped them to break bad habits and create good ones to enable their marriage to grow.


This was a community service project by YSA to help build caring, cohesive and closely-bonded families in Singapore. The course provided an important and relevant platform to reach out to young Singaporeans to promote important community messages. After all, one of YSA’s mandates is to create Singaporeans who are caring, understanding and compassionate.

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