It is virtually impossible not to hear the thunderous sound of the dhol at the Sikh Centre every Saturday afternoon. It is a combined effort of YSA and the Sikh Centre to nurture aspiring young talents.

Now into their fourth year, the dhol lessons have seen the enthusiasts developing their skills to eventually perform for professional local bands and with Bhangra troupes. Some graduates have even progressed to recording in studios.

The dhol instructor, Kuldip Singh, who picked up the art of dhol playing from Mr Gurcharan Singh Mall from the United Kingdom, states that, “I have refined the syllabi so that it makes it easy for individuals of any gender, age or race to learn the dhol. Students are able to play at least two basic beats within a month”. He added that it took him almost two months to master the first basic beat.

Currently, there are nine students in the class and they are thoroughly enjoying the sessions. Harkrishan Singh says, “Kuldip Virji is a very a professional dhol player and teacher. He knows exactly how to teach us so that we will have the beats in the back of our heads and at the tip of our fingers.” Harvenjit Singh, a newcomer to the dhol, says: “Before the dhol lessons, I had never touched a dhol. I was shaky with it at first but with Kuldip’s guidance, I have learnt to be more comfortable in using the dhol as well as progressing further than I expected.” Jagraj Singh echoed the same views, “The dhol class has been a very new and interesting experience for me. I have played many musical instruments such as the harmonium, tabla, piano and the violin but the dhol, has always interested me and it is a new and fun challenge for me.”

If you are keen to pick up the finer points of dhol playing, just call Kuldip at 93836314.

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