They ranged from Singapore Ministers, Members of Parliament and eminent individuals from the public and private sectors to the man on the street and they came from all over the world. Congratulatory messages poured in endlessly for YSA on its official launch on 17 January 2004.

Lauding YSA for taking such an initiative, the messages also assured full support for its activities and programmes. Perhaps the most complimentary message came from Mr Lim Swee Say, Singapore’s Minister for the Environment:-

“Congratulations on the formation of Young Sikh Association (Singapore)!

There are at least three types of people in this world:

a) First, the observers – they sit and see the world pass by;
b) Second, the critics – they are pre-occupied by everything that has gone wrong in this world and;
c) Third, the builders – they act and help shape the world to make it a better place for all to live in.

Here at YSA, you are builders. You do not wait for our future to evolve. Instead, you strive to help create our future – a future we can all be proud of.”

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