Young Sikh Association (Singapore) organised its first rock climbing day at the ClimbAsia Climbing Centre on 23 September 2007.

The key objectives of the event were to promote sports and healthy lifestyle among young Singaporeans and to develop character, strength and toughness in the participants. At the same time, it was geared at promoting rock climbing among Singaporeans as well as to provide a platform for young Singaporeans from different backgrounds to meet, interact and network with one another.

In line with YSA’s efforts to reach out to the less privileged in our society, the event had participants from the voluntary welfare group, Beyond Social Services. Altogether, there were 44 participants at the event.

The main idea was for the children to have fun. Led by a group of dedicated volunteers, the six teams had a great day of rock climbing which included solving a puzzle by picking up clues from the top of the wall. All the teams had to then come together and use their respective “word” clues to form the sentence, “Alone, we are just a drop of water. Together, we can become an ocean”.

The participants and volunteers were presented with trophies for their commendable efforts. The event ended with a sumptuous lunch for the participants, their parents and volunteers.

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