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Tree planting with SKA Ladies Wing for International Women’s Day March 2023

We were thrilled to receive an invitation from the Singapore Khalsa Association Ladies Wing to partake in the joyous celebration of International Women’s Day! This year’s festivities took on a unique twist with the inclusion of tree planting as a significant contribution to NPark’s OneMillionTrees movement.

The event provided YSA members with a hands-on opportunity to delve into the experience of planting trees. Armed with shovels, members dug the ground, carefully placed potted plants into the prepared holes, and backfilled the soil. This activity not only allowed the team to connect with nature but also provided valuable insights into the physical demands associated with tree planting.

The event provided YSA members with a hands-on opportunity to delve into the experience of planting trees. Armed with shovels, members dug the ground, carefully placed potted plants into the prepared holes, and backfilled the soil. This activity not only allowed the team to connect with nature but also provided valuable insights into the physical demands associated with tree planting.

Undeterred by intermittent showers, spirits remained high, and everyone persevered to complete the tree planting mission. The event, despite the weather challenges, proved to be immensely gratifying as our team actively contributed to the environment on this significant day.

International Women’s Day became even more meaningful as YSA members, alongside the Singapore Khalsa Association Ladies Wing, engaged in an environmentally impactful activity. The act of planting trees served as a symbol of growth, strength, and nurturing—the very qualities celebrated on this empowering day.

In the end, despite the soil being a bit muddy and the rain attempting to dampen the spirits, the event was a resounding success. It not only celebrated women’s achievements but also demonstrated YSA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Academics and COVID 19 Sikhs awards presentations April 2023

In April 2023, YSA received aninvitation from the Singapore Khalsa Association to participate in the Academics and COVID-19 Sikhs Award Presentation. The event, graced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, and Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr. Eric Chua, served as a notable recognition of outstanding achievements during challenging times.

The primary focus of the event was to applaud students who excelled in their academics despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the ceremony aimed to highlight and honor organizations that made significant contributions to the community and society throughout the trying times.

YSA was humbled to be acknowledged and awarded for its noteworthy efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite facing lockdowns and restrictions, YSA launched multiple initiatives to provide support and assistance to those affected by the crisis.

Throughout the period, YSA undertook initiatives such as sharing inspirational stories of 50 Sikhs in Singapore, coupled with fundraising efforts to assist individuals impacted by the pandemic. Collaborating with other organizations, YSA played a crucial role in packing care packs and delivering essential ration to those in need.

The award also serves as a recognition to our many volunteers who work with us on ad-hoc basis and who sometimes may go under the radar. YSA commends your efforts and thank you for your selfless service.

YSA expresses sincere gratitude to the Singapore Khalsa Association for this honorable recognition. The acknowledgment serves as motivation for YSA to persist in its mission of service, resilience, and community support.

SAB 75th Anniversary July 2023

In July 2023, the Sikh Advisory Board (SAB) achieved a significant milestone as it marked its 75th anniversary. This occasion not only reflected on the organization’s rich history but also emphasized its ongoing role as a crucial link between the Sikh Community in Singapore and the Government.

The Sikh Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in facilitating communication and collaboration between the Sikh community and the government. Serving as a conduit, the SAB ensures that the concerns and suggestions of the Sikh community are effectively communicated to the government, fostering a symbiotic relationship that addresses the needs of the community at large.

Understanding that the SAB serves as a vital voice for the Sikh community, YSA actively collaborates with the organization.

During the anniversary event, YSA was honored with an award presented by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Lawrence Wong. This acknowledgment served as a recognition of YSA’s role as a partner in the endeavors of the Sikh Advisory Board. The award underscores YSA’s commitment and contributions towards supporting the SAB’s mission and reinforcing the collaborative spirit between the two organizations.

The recognition received at the anniversary celebration not only commemorates the achievements of the past 75 years but also sets the stage for continued collaboration and impact in the years ahead.

YSA 20th Anniversary August 2023

In August 2023, Young Sikh Association (YSA) marked a momentous occasion as it celebrated its 20th anniversary since its inception. This significant milestone served as a poignant reflection on the journey and accomplishments that have defined YSA’s presence and impact over the past two decades.

The commemorative celebration organized by the current YSA team was a grand affair, bringing together not only the present members but also extending invitations to past members who played pivotal roles in shaping YSA’s trajectory. Partners who have been instrumental in supporting and guiding YSA throughout its journey were also in attendance.

Partner organizations were presented with a plaque as a testament of YSA’s appreciation of their support and guidance over the past two decades. The event featured a symbolic cake-cutting ceremony on stage, where all past YSA presidents and the current president joined in.

The celebration commenced with the arrival of the Guest of Honor, Senior Minister of State, Dr. Janil Puthucheary. Mr. Hernaikh Singh, YSA’s first president, delivered a speech, shedding light on the reason for the inception of YSA and articulating the association’s mission and vision—principles that remain highly relevant in today’s context.

Mr. Harishpal, YSA’s current president, provided insights into the present and future plans of YSA, articulating how the organization aims to stay pertinent to the evolving needs of today’s youth.

An engaging dialogue session featuring SMS Dr. Janil, Mr. Jagpreet Singh, and Ms. Harmin Kaur explored the impact and influence of Forward Singapore on the younger generation and the development of youth leaders. The session, expertly moderated by Ms. Simarna Singh, YSA Secretary, proved to be thought-provoking, offering valuable insights.

Beyond the formal program, the event provided an opportunity for guests to mingle, fostering connections and collaborations among various organizations dedicated to community service. The evening facilitated networking and meaningful discussions, with past YSA members sharing valuable advice and suggestions with newer members. It was also an opportunity for many to rekindle friendships.

As YSA looks back on two decades of growth, impact, and community service, the 20th-anniversary celebration serves as both a testament to past achievements and an inspiration for the organization’s continued dedication to empowering and serving the youth in the years ahead.

YSA Grad Tea October 2023

In October 2023, the highly anticipated YSA Graduates Tea Reception took place at the Singapore Khalsa Association, marking a significant moment for a dozen graduates who were honored for their hard work. The event, attended by proud family and friends, served as a platform to celebrate their accomplishments and to delve into insightful discussions on passion and fulfillment.

The festivities commenced with a hands-on craft session, where attendees engaged in creating decorative items using expired masks. This creative activity not only set a vibrant tone for the event but also stimulated the participants’ minds for the upcoming engaging panel discussion.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the graduates were presented with certificates, a recognition of their dedication and academic achievements. The valedictorian for this year’s tea reception, Ms. Andrea, shared a personal journey, highlighting how her passion for pageantry played a transformative role in shaping her identity and providing fulfillment beyond academic success. This narrative seamlessly aligned with the event’s theme, “Passion makes you unstoppable,” emphasizing the idea that passion serves as a driving force, enabling individuals to achieve greater heights and find profound fulfillment in their lives.

The program continued with an panel session featuring esteemed individuals from diverse fields, including Ms. Amrita Dhillon, a renowned baker, Mr. Inderpal Singh, Winner of MasterChef Season 4, and Mr. Benjamin Bryne, a content creator. The session delved into the realities of life, emphasizing the importance of discipline and accountability for success, both professionally and personally.

These essential traits, the panel argued, not only pave the way for success but also contribute to a more fulfilling life, a pursuit that has been more common in recent years. Ms. Ershen Kaur skillfully moderated the panel, posing thought-provoking questions that engaged both the panelists and the audience, making it an enriching and dynamic session.

The positive feedback from the graduates highlighted their satisfaction with the session’s content, appreciating the inclusion of topics that extend beyond the academic sphere. The event was also covered by Vasantham Indian Beats with snippets available on MeWatch, further extending the reach and impact of the insightful conversations.

In conclusion, the YSA Graduates Tea Reception 2023 not only celebrated academic achievements but also provided a platform for graduates to gain valuable insights, fostering a holistic approach to success and fulfillment.

Singapore Sikhs event Nov 2023

In November 2023, YSA took pride in being a partner for the Singapore Sikh event hosted at THE POD, National Library. This engaging event was meticulously organized by the Centre for Singapore Tamil Culture, with substantial support from the National Library Board, Singapore Khalsa Association, and the Sikh Advisory Board.

The primary objective of the event was to illuminate and showcase the rich tapestry of Sikh culture and traditions to the local community. Despite its relatively modest size, the Sikh community in Singapore, numbering around 13,000, is vibrant and dynamic. The community has played an integral role over the years, contributing significantly to various sectors and helping shape Singapore into the diverse and thriving nation it is today. Sikhs have made notable contributions in areas ranging from national security to business, demonstrating their diverse and impactful presence.

To culminate the event, guests were treated to a warm and hearty meal prepared by Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara. This provided not just sustenance but also an opportunity for guests to engage in casual conversations and further immerse themselves in the welcoming Sikh community atmosphere.

The event served as a captivating showcase of Sikh culture, incorporating elements such as food, musical instruments, and a historical journey that resonated with attendees. A pivotal aspect of the event was the panel session, which delved into the challenges faced by minority communities like the Sikhs and explored ways in which collective efforts could overcome these obstacles. This insightful discussion aimed to foster understanding and collaboration, promoting a more inclusive and supportive community.

The panel discussion shed light on the multifaceted contributions of Sikhs to Singapore’s growth and development, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges faced by minority communities. The event successfully created a platform for meaningful dialogue, encouraging attendees to consider how they could actively contribute to fostering a more inclusive society.

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