Ms Sithara Doriasamy

Committee Member
(Conferences and Seminars)


Ms Sithara Doriasamy is Senior Manager at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), a research institute dedicated to the study of contemporary South Asia. She also brings with her more than 14 years of journalistic experience, having worked as a senior correspondent with the Singapore Press Holdings and news producer with Channel News Asia. Sithara has worked in both the private and public sectors, overseeing events management, public affairs and corporate communications functions. Prior to joining ISAS, she was heading the Corporate Communications at the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Sithara is actively involved in grassroots and community work. She currently serves as the vice chairperson of the People’s Association (PA) Indian Activity Executive Committees Council (Narpani Pearavai), which oversees the 95 Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAEC) in Singapore. She also holds key positions at the Nee Soon South grassroots organisations, particularly in the Citizens Consultative Committee, Community Club Management Committee, Inter-Racial and Religious Committee, and IAEC. For her dedicated and committed services to the grassroots and community, Sithara was awarded the Nee Soon South Divisional National Day Awards – Distinguished Community Leader Award in 2006 (highest local award in Nee Soon South Division), and the inaugural Outstanding Community Leader Award in 2001.

Under her leadership, the Nee Soon South IAEC has twice clinched the PA Winner Award for being the top IAEC. The IAEC was also the winner of the inaugural PA Excellence Award in 2008, for attaining 4-Star ranking (highest in PA ranking) consecutively for three years. She also volunteers at charitable organisations.

Sithara was the founding president of the PA Narpani Tamil Toastmasters Club. She was a member of the Singapore Government’s Remaking Committee (Beyond Cars Sub-Committee), Tamil Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Resource Panel (Ministry of Education), Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP) Publicity Committee (Ministry of Home Affairs) and Feedback Group on Media.

Sithara holds an MSc (International Relations) from the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (currently known as the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies), Nanyang Technological University, and a BA in Communications and Media Management from the University of South Australia.

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