About Us

Young Sikh Association (Singapore), or YSA, was founded in August 2003 to fulfill the aspirations of young Singaporeans. A Management Committee of members from different professions with diverse expertise and interests oversees the affairs the Association.


YSA reaches out to young Singaporeans with the aims of understanding, appreciating and fulfilling their aspirations. It supports the development of the youth sector in Singapore by enabling youth to realise their aspirations and make valuable contributions to the broader society. Additionally, YSA seeks to enhance mutual understanding on issues of common concern and foster friendships across ethnic groups in Singapore, the region and the world.


Our logo comprises three stylised orange sails rising from the blue acronym, YSA.

The orange colour signifies the rays of the rising sun falling upon and energising the three fluttering sails, symbolising our proactive approach of reaching out to understand the hopes and aspirations of young Singaporeans. Like energy emanating from the sun, the high flying sails also represent the dynamism with which we strive to achieve our objectives to make a positive contribution to Singapore. The blue represents our corporate culture, which emphasises strength, trust and reliability – values that underpin our philosophy and actions.

The union of the sails and YSA symbolises our commitment to integrate the aspirations of young Singaporeans to the Singapore society and to contribute to the growth of a vibrant and thriving Singapore.

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