cultureCultural Shows

YSA organises cultural shows to showcase the vibrant culture and heritage of the Sikhs. These shows also include participation by other ethnic groups in Singapore to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the different cultures and how they give Singapore its unique, rich, social blend.

Dhol Lessons

These dhol teaching sessions will be organised for enthusiasts who are keen to excel in this art. These sessions aim to allow Sikhs to master the traditional art of Dhol playing while enabling them to interact and network with one another. At the same time, the sessions will help them to further understand the richness of the Sikh culture and heritage.

Dhol and Bhangra Competitions

To further highlight the Sikh culture, dhol and bhangra competitions will be organised annually. These events will enable talented young Sikhs to come together to display their talents, abilities and vigour, encouraging them to further excel in these activities.


The organisation of cultural exhibitions by YSA, and in collaboration with other Sikh institutions, aims to promote the Sikh culture and community. They also provide an important means for the other communities to better understand and appreciate the Sikh culture, heritage and tradition

Bhangra Nites

Bhangra Nites provide an ideal platform to bring young Sikhs together so that they can interact and socialise and, to put it simply, just have great fun.






Project Khwaish XVI
Punjab, India

December 2016


Certificate Presentation Ceremony for Project Khwaish XVI
January 2017


Thirteenth ‘Racial Harmony’ Football Tournament
February 2017




July 2016

Red Dot Bhangra ends week-long celebration with sold-out bonanza



April 2016

Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh highlights the growing role of 'soft power' in Asia at the Eighth Khwaish Lecture



April 2016

Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh highlights the growing role of 'soft power' in Asia at the Eighth Khwaish Lecture



March 2016

Young Singaporeans commended for voluntary work in India



February 2016

Shooting for racial harmony and integration



December 2015

Young Singaporeans embark of 15th edition of YSA's community service project in India



November 2015

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launches landmark publication on Singapore Sikhs' contribution to nation-building



September 2015

Singapore Sikhs engage Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam on the future of Singapore



April 2015

YSA spearheads charity adventure to Phuket on wheels



April 2015

Promoting multi-racialism and healthy lifestyle through football





YSA's programmes are organised through membership, annual subscription fees and the kind support of donors.


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