Minister for Manpower, Mr Lim Swee Say, addresses young Sikh graduates at plaque presentation ceremony


The Sikh community in Singapore witnessed more than 50 graduates being recognised for thir academic achievements at the Sikh Graduates Tea Reception this year - an annual event organised by YSA, in collaboration with the Sikh Centre Singapore.

Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, graced the plaque presentation ceremony and tea reception on 8 October 2016, which was attended by close to 120 guests. He shared his thoughts on what the graduates should look to do to succeed in their careers. Among these, he highlighted the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability. Graduates need to constantly ask themselves if they are able to continue learning and adapting to a fluid economic environment. As long as they remained driven and continued to persevere, Mr Lim reassured them that the jobs were there. "Despite stiff competition, jobs are being created in Singapore and it is up to the graduates to challenge themselves to rise above the competition," he commented.

Mr Malminderjit Singh, President of the Association, pointed out the competitive job market where getting a job or even holding on to your current one requires determination to constantly be relevant to a rapidly changing economy and the perseverance to pursue excellence.

Mr Lim also stressed that young job seekers should not be too choosy on the type of jobs available. He cautioned them that the longer they remain out of employment, the more challenging it becomes for them to find employment. By sharing his own experience on how he started off as a software engineer before moving several times to enter politics, he advised the graduates to be open to flexibility and change. "Only those who saw every problem as an opportunity would succeed," Mr Lim stated. Mr Malminderjit also assured the graduates that if they look hard enough and widen their search, they will find great opportunities.

Mr Lim emphasised the need for passion, adaptability and positive energy among young job seekers. He suggested that those job seekers with those values would have a much higher chance of getting a job and being successful in their professional life.

Mr Lim also noted that Singapore is going through a transition. From a model where we were labor driven and needed many workers across various sectors, we are transitioning to a model where jobs are becoming more specialised due to developments in technology. Employers are matching potential candidates with the right skill to the right job.

Mr Lim pointed out that Singapore still enjoys a low employment level but cautioned against complacency. He concluded by commenting that "how far you go in your career depends on yourself and your drive."

The annual presentation ceremony recognises the academic achievements of Sikhs, including those who pursue post-graduate studies and continuous learning.










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